December 24, 2016


152 Our Favorite Web Tools of 2016

152 Our Favorite Web Tools of 2016
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152 Our Favorite Web Tools of 2016

Dec 24 2016 | 00:45:35


Show Notes

We look at a number of tools and services that we use on a daily basis. These are services that make a big difference in how we run our businesses. We move at speed and cover a lot of ground in this pre-Christmas show!


We talk about our favorite web tools of 2016. Covered: tools for productivity, project management, accounting, invoicing, social media, content management, and content creation.


Episode 152 Table of Contents

0:00 Podcast intros.

1:37 What we use for video conferencing.

4:50 Our choice for video hosting.

8:32 John's choice for invoicing software.

10:56 Jonathan's choice for invoicing software.

11:44 An alternative for external email addresses.

13:54 Jonathan's choice for a CRM.

16:44 A tool John uses for local SEO citations.

20:09 Jonathan has a pick for SEO keyword research.

21:04 Another pick for email outreach.

23:00 A tool we are using for project management internally.

24:54 John's tools for migrating websites.

27:20 Jonathan's choices for site backups.

29:28 Two cautionary tales of why you want to have a reliable plan for website backups.

34:54 John's advice for getting blog posts written.

36:53 Jonathan has some picks for spell-checking and editing.

37:55 Our mutual pick for capturing screenshots.

38:34 Some more picks we have for cloud storage and productivity.

39:40 Podcast outros.



Links mentioned during the show:


Go To Meeting



Zoho Invoice

Harvest (Time Tracking)

Zoho Mail

G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Business)

Agile CRM

Drip - Email Marketing Automation

Active Campaign

Moz Local

Yext (DON'T use this)

Get Found (Go Daddy)

Moz Whiteboard Friday

Rand Fishkin on Twitter

Distilled on Twitter

Wil Reynolds on Twitter


Majestic (SEO Tools)

Raven Tools



Teamwork - Cloud Productivity Software


WP Engine Automated Migration

WP Migrate DB Pro




WP Site Care




Awesome Screenshot


Google Drive




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