December 19, 2018


#355 WP-Tonic Show Special Guest Mike Taber

#355 WP-Tonic Show Special Guest Mike Taber
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#355 WP-Tonic Show Special Guest Mike Taber

Dec 19 2018 | 00:33:44


Show Notes

Mike is the joint co-host with Rob Walling “Startups For The Rest Of Us” podcast and co-founder with Rob of the MicroConf which is the leading yearly conferences for individuals who are looking to start a Startup or already running a successful Startup company.

Mike started his career with a brief, 3 month stint at a start up multimedia company called 2K Innovations Corporation in North Carolina in 1998. He was invited to join full time as a principal, but declined after seeing how the company was being run.

Later that year, he moved to Buffalo, NY to work for a wireless ISP startup called Clearwire Technologies. He bailed a couple years before it went under and sold its name, but learned a lot about working at a small company.

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