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WP-Tonic | WordPress | SaaS | Bootstrap SaaS | Indie Hackers | Startups

WP-Tonic is a podcast for WordPress professionals and Bootstrap SaaS startup entrepreneurs or anybody looking to build a business online. We cover a large number of areas with our main show. We interview some creative...more

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April 24, 2024

910 - WP-Tonic Show: Running: We Discuss The Future of WordPress & Gutenberg With Special Guest Rich Tabor Project Manager at Automattic

Join us as we chat with special guest Rich Tabor about the future of WordPress & Gutenberg. Discover cutting-edge insights and tips for your...



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April 15, 2024

909 WP-Tonic Show: Running A Successful Web Design Development Agency In A Changing Market of 2024

Running A Successful Web Design, Marketing, and Development Agency In A Changing Market of 2024 Master the Art of Running a Web Design Agency...



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April 07, 2024

908 WP-Tonic Show: Building An iOS & Android App Development Business For WordPress

Are You Looking To Build An iOS & Android App That Works With Your Website? Transform your WordPress skills into a booming iOS &...



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April 01, 2024

#907 WP-Tonic This Month in WordPress & Tech Live Round Table Show With Special Guest Kevin Geary

Don't miss out on this week's live discussion! Join us on Thursday as we delve into the newest WordPress and tech articles that have...



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March 26, 2024

906 WP-Tonic Show Why Russell Brunson is Wrong And Why So Many Sales Funnels Are Broken

In this thought-provoking interview, we delve into why Russell Brunson's perspective on sales funnels might not be as foolproof as it seems. We dissect...



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March 19, 2024

#905 - WP-Tonic This Week in WordPress & SaaS With Special Guest Jamie Marsland, Founder of Pootlepress

Join us in exploring the future of the Gutenberg WordPress Project as we delve into whether it is fixable or on a semi-doomed path...