April 19, 2017


184 Event Management Plugins For WordPress

184 Event Management Plugins For WordPress
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184 Event Management Plugins For WordPress

Apr 19 2017 | 01:14:17


Show Notes

We look at event management plugins, what they do, and when you will need specific ones. What if you run recurring events? Say you run a once a year event, and need to sell tickets? What if you're a musician or band posting gigs? We give our recommendations for these scenarios and more.


Our WordPress panel this week:


Sallie Goetsch: https://wpfangirl.com

Kim Shivler: https://howtobuildanonlinecourse.com/

Lee Jackson: https://angledcrown.com/

Jonathan Denwood: https://www.wp-tonic.com

John Locke: https://www.lockedownseo.com/




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Table of Contents for Episode 184


0:00 Podcast intros.

3:08 WordPress News Story #1: Advanced WordPress Facebook Group Moves to Curb Low Quality Content with Admin-Approved Posts

11:16 WordPress News Story #2: WordPress Editor Experience Survey Shows 75% of Respondents Don’t Use Distraction-Free Writing Mode

WordPress News Story #3: Recommended Reading: Resilient Web Design, a Free e-Book from Jeremy Keith

25:56 Main Topic: Event Management Plugins

26:12 The Events Calendar

31:05 Lee has a clever tip for creating event listings without a plugin.

35:20 Google Calendar Events

Event Organiser

Event List

Events Manager

39:10 Why you might need an events management plugin in the first place. Your blog is not the proper place for upcoming events!

41:09 Lee's thoughts on Event Espresso and Tickera

44:22 Plugins for bands and musicians: GigPress (recommended) and Gigs Calendar (Not actively maintained)

48:01 The competition isn't other plugins, but online services like Eventbrite.

50:18 Tips about buying tickets or registering with WooCommerce.

56:38 Podcast outros.




Links mentioned during the show:



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