October 01, 2016


129 Chris Handy, CEO & Founder of Thinkhandy

129 Chris Handy, CEO & Founder of Thinkhandy
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129 Chris Handy, CEO & Founder of Thinkhandy

Oct 01 2016 | 00:45:56


Show Notes

We sit down with Chris Handy, CEO and Founder of Thinkhandy to discuss sales funnels, inbound marketing, email marketing, and nurturing leads.


Show Table of Contents

0:00 Intros

0:37 What is inbound marketing? How does inbound marketing relate to the sales cycle?

1:40 Inbound marketing has expanded it's meaning to the point of dilution

2:09 People buy differently than they used to

3:00 Content creation has become more casual

3:31 Answering your customers questions online

4:50 Wanting to get questions answered without talking to a sales person

5:58 50% of sales in  B2B are made before you ever speak to the prospect

7:55 Easing into the sales funnel with email marketing

8:34 Every email marketing campaign is going to look different, depending on the business and audience

9:57 People get stuck on The Law of Demand

11:09 Don't be afraid to share unique content in email newsletters

12:20 Be more of a teacher

14:08 Curating and publishing content on a specific subject in your newsletter

16:28 Building a content machine from customer and client feedback

19:08 HItting customer objections head-on

21:00 Using human language and not jargon

22:45 Why do salespeople rush to close the deal

26:26 Matching customers to what they need

29:40 Your job is to take them to the next step of the funnel

31:30 You have to have quotas in sales teams, but realize they influence behavior

33:48 LeadPages buying Drip, and thoughts on automation

38:40 Tracking source of sales referrals is important

39:39 Comparing some of the email marketing solutions

41:02 How sales teams use a CRM to get a 360 degree view of a customer

42:05 Workflows and automated sequences in email marketing

43:13 Podcast outros

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