August 20, 2016


118 All About eCommerce with Scott Buscemi

118 All About eCommerce with Scott Buscemi
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118 All About eCommerce with Scott Buscemi

Aug 20 2016 | 00:35:30


Show Notes

This week, on WP-Tonic EP118, we're joined by Scott Buscemi, founder of Luminary Web Strategies, a WordPress agency that specializes in WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads integrations.

Scott shares some of his extensive personal insights about what makes a great e-commerce site, and growing an e-commerce centered agency. He also delves into his 8 years of helping clients get the eCommerce results they are looking for. Some of the things we talk about have nothing to do with the technology, but more about helping the clients see what are the real business problems they are facing, and then offer them solutions!

Episode 118 Table of Contents:

Show Introduction 0:15

Scott's Background in Web Development 0:49

John and Jonathan Intros 1:55

What Scott Has Learned About Running An Agency and Serving Clients 2:58

Diving Into Business Objectives with Client Projects 4:00

Figuring Out The Business Model Before Hiring a Web Development Firm 5:50

Tips for Hiring Developers and Small Agencies 7:25

Make Sure The Money You're Spending Is Going In The Right Direction 8:09

Don't Get Distracted by Too Many Features Too Early 9:34

Launching A Website Is Easier Than Figuring Out Why You Want It 11:24

You Can Build An App, But Do You Have a Brand?  12:08

Building A Brand Is The Hard Work 12:28

Is WordPress and WooCommerce the Best Solution For e-Commerce? 13:53

Building a Minimum Viable Product On WordPress 14:40

Looking For a Consultant or Partner vs. Looking for a Developer 18:37

What Role Does Analytics Play in Web Strategy? 23:06

More Traffic Means Analytics are More Accurate 23:34

What Things Motivate and Inspire Scott 25:47

What Are Scott's Success Principles? 27:40

To Be Different, You Have To Be Act Different 27:56

Don't Let Fear Rule Your Life 31:15

Podcast Portion Outros 33:06


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