May 03, 2017


188 Local Development Environments in WordPress

188 Local Development Environments in WordPress
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188 Local Development Environments in WordPress

May 03 2017 | 00:58:50


Show Notes

In this episode, we look at local development, and how that can help your workflow. What options are there for local development, and what do you do with a local site when it's time to deploy.

We examine why you need a local environment in your workflow, and some choices for getting started.


Our WordPress panel this week:


Jackie D'Elia:


Morten Rand-Hendriksen:

Sallie Goetsch:

Jonathan Denwood:

John Locke:




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Table of Contents for Episode 188


0:00 Podcast intros.

4:08 WordPress News Story #1: Scaling WordPress Image Serving with Tachyon

14:57 WordPress News Story #2: Is The Design Firm an Endangered Species?

28:20 Main Topic: Local Development Environments in WordPress

28:28 Why should you develop locally? What advantages are there by incorporating it into your workflow?

30:50 Use the simplest possible setup for local development when you're getting started.

35:02 The panel has lots of thoughts on different local development setups.

50:28 You should always backup your database when working locally.

57:25 Podcast outros.




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