May 01, 2017


187 Dusty Davidson, CEO of Flywheel

187 Dusty Davidson, CEO of Flywheel
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187 Dusty Davidson, CEO of Flywheel

May 01 2017 | 00:52:10


Show Notes

We sit down to talk with Dusty Davidson, the CEO and co-founder of Flywheel. He tells us how the hosting company got started, early years and growing, what they look for in hiring, their acquisition of Local, and much more.

We also ask Dusty about early years and growing, what they look for in hiring, their acquisition of Local,  and much more.




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Table of Contents for Episode 187


0:00 Podcast intros.

2:57 How did Flywheel get started? Why they decided to start a hosting company in the first place.

5:39 What gaps in the hosting market was Flywheel trying to fill?

9:06 Some common hosting problems that Flywheel sought to solve. Growing the company using pure hustle and guerrilla marketing.

16:47 What does Flywheel look for when hiring? What challenges have they faced when growing the company?

20:44 As Flywheel grew, who did Dusty look to for advice? How do organizations change as they grow?

23:21 Dusty's early involvement in Silicon Prairie News and the growing tech scene in the Midwest.

30:34 Bootstrapped vs. Venture Capital funded.

32:49 The trend of hosting companies consolidating services by buying other companies and tools. The decision process behind Flywheel purchasing Pressmatic (now Local by Flywheel). Thoughts on GoDaddy acquiring Sucuri.

39:21 Is the future bright for plugin developers? What's the future for themes and plugins? How does this affect the perception of other products in the WordPress space, like hosting?

46:44 What is the future for growth for WordPress the platform?

49:00 Podcast outros.




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One Million Cups

Local by Flywheel




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