November 16, 2016


142 How to Successfully Work With Non-Profits

142 How to Successfully Work With Non-Profits
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142 How to Successfully Work With Non-Profits

Nov 16 2016 | 00:59:12


Show Notes

On this week's WP-Tonic round table, we give some insight on how to work with non-profit organizations. How is working with non-profits different than working with clients in the private sector?

Our round table of WordPress experts also discusses the best marketing practices for non-profits.

Our panel this week:

Morten Rand-Hendriksen of
Sallie Goetsch of WP Fangirl
Jonathan Denwood of WP-Tonic
John Lockeof Lockedown Design

Show Table of Contents:
0:00 Show Intros
2:02 WordPress Story #1: Does Jetpack slow down a WordPress website?

20:04 WordPress Story #2: How I Built It, Episode 12: Chris Lema and Beyond Good

31:54 Main Topic: Working With Non-Profits
32:02 What is different about working with non-profits vs working with regular businesses?
34:14 How does the non-profit managerial structure affect timelines and the decision making process?
36:44 Jonathan shares a link: How Nonprofits Get really Big from the Stanford Social Innovation Review

40:29 What unique challenges do non-profits have in establishing and achieving their marketing goals?
44:50 How do non-profits find their target segments? How do you define personas and develop a content strategy to reach those target personas?
48:38 What are some examples of non-profits that are doing a great job with marketing?
51:55 What are some things that non-profits need to focus on when it comes to their website and digital marketing?
56:20 Podcast outros
58:49 YouTube bonus content
58:55 More thoughts on marketing for non-profits
1:05:00 John's experience with non-profits
1:09:20 Quick advice on discounting and pro bono
1:09:50 Some non-profits may be in a better position to pay you than regular businesses.
1:11:27 Building up good will in the community by working with non-profits in your community.


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