November 12, 2016


141 Heather Steele of Blue Steele Solutions

141 Heather Steele of Blue Steele Solutions
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141 Heather Steele of Blue Steele Solutions

Nov 12 2016 | 00:43:06


Show Notes

We talk with Heather about the life-cycle of web agencies, marketing, social media, and client relationships. How do Heather and her team find the right type of clients to work with?  Why is it important to develop strong ongoing relationships in your local business community?

I really enjoyed our chat with Heather. I could see why she has been so successful in driving her agency forward. The WordPress community has also been a key in building her business to its present level.

Episode 141 Table of Contents

0:00 Podcast Intros

1:33 Who does Blue Steele Solutions serve and how did they find their niche?

3:37 How does Blue Steele Solutions determine what clients are going to be a good fit?

5:40 What is the value in nurturing long-term relationships with clients?

8:55 Launching the website is not the end of the project, it's the beginning.

9:34 How did Blue Steele Solutions grow? What is Heather's origin story?

12:31 How does being active in the local community benefit Heather's business?

15:57 What are some of the mistakes that people make when outsourcing their marketing?

19:40 SEO is more than a one-time check-it-off-the-list thing. How do you select a reputable marketing or SEO company?

23:20 What goes into building a brand?

26:40 What can you do to attract great clients?

29:05 The realities of digital outreach, and benefits of having a realistic traffic plan.

34:52 How did Heather decide on WordPress as a platform? What are the benefits of WordPress over other web platforms?

38:24 How do you build up community? In person or digitally?

39:47 Podcast outros


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