November 05, 2016


139 Robert Abela from WP White Security

139 Robert Abela from WP White Security
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139 Robert Abela from WP White Security

Nov 05 2016 | 00:51:22


Show Notes

In episode 139, we interview Robert Abela, founder of WP Security Audit Log, a leading WordPress auditing plugin. Robert's blog at WP White Security is a great resource for learning more about WordPress security best practices. Robert focuses on explaining website security in a way that non-technical people can understand.


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Episode 139 Table of Contents

0:00 Intros /What Robert does.

3:24 Why does WordPress have a reputation for being insecure.

5:55 Many attacks are bots looking for weak credentials or plugins that have not been updated.

8:16 Many people make a living just configuring Wordfence, Sucuri, and iThemes Security.

9:12 Security plugins are a tool, not a 100% guarantee you won;t be hacked.

14:35 Why are audit logs important? And are website owners ever surprised how much activity there is on their site?

18:58 What advice would Robert give business owners when they go to build a website?

23:51 You must pay attention to everything that touches your website, not just WordPress components

29:21 Podcast Outros




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