November 16, 2014


014 WP-Tonic, David Hehenberger

014 WP-Tonic, David Hehenberger
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014 WP-Tonic, David Hehenberger

Nov 16 2014 | 00:34:33


Show Notes

Welcome to WP-Tonic Episode 14. Today Jonathan and I are interviewing a 20 something Austrian who runs a business out of Bangkok, Thailand, but before we get into the show, I would like update you, the listeners, on what Jonathan and I are doing with our businesses.

First,  to the surprise of many, we made it to episode 14 and we are  going strong producing podcasts together, getting better each and every episode! We are both building websites, improving techniques and developing new products.  Jonathan is working hard on his SaaS (Software as a Service) product Mail-Right and I am working on developing a process to help the new podcaster quickly integrate WordPress and new media so they can focus on podcasting.  At the first of the new year, Jonathan and I are starting a new WordPress Meetup Group  called WordPress and NewMedia for Reno Entrepreneurs and Businesses. The meetup will be oriented toward the small business owner and how they can better utilize WordPress and New Media into their businesses. It will  complement the current Reno WordPress Meetup Group which is oriented more at the technical side of WordPress, diving more into  PHP which is a server-side scripting language designed for web development and HTML or HyperText Markup Language.

Guest David Hehenberger:

Well this is the second of two interviews, you can find more about our guest on Episode 80 on Timelines of Success but now, let's  get to our show with, David Hehenberger. David is from Austria,  and he has been traveling the world for 4.5 years. He is currently in Bangkok, Thailand running his company, FatCat Apps, building amazing plugins with his team of coders. He is also co-host WPCAST.FM, a professional WordPress podcast. Now without further ado, let's get right into this episode of WP-Tonic with our guest David Hehenberger.

Closing Technical Comments:

Jonathan and I get asked often many questions about WordPress, New Media and Podcasting.  One of them is the type of microphone we use. In todays interview, I was using a Heil PR-40 with a pop filter and small mixer. This is one of the best setups you can have. The mixer, the pop filter and microphone cost just under $500 but a good substitute is the ART-2100 microphone which allows you to plug into your computer with a USB connections or go through a mixer. This dynamic microphone with a foam filter will do a great job and stop pops and outside noise. it cost less than $60.

Jonathan was using a Blue Yeti microphone and a pop filter and he sounded very good. The cost is a little over $100. David was also using a Blue Yeti but without a pop filter. If you can listen closely, you can hear the a few pops. These pops are something hard to remove in post editing.  We were all connected on this episode with Skype, David was in Bangkok, Thailand, Jonathan in Carson City, Nevada and I was in Reno, Nevada.

Again thank you for listening to WP-Tonic, We would appreciate it if you would go to iTunes and give us a review. The link is on the bottom and top of your show notes on this episode.


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