October 26, 2016


136 WordCamp Sacramento 2016 Wrap-up

136 WordCamp Sacramento 2016 Wrap-up
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136 WordCamp Sacramento 2016 Wrap-up

Oct 26 2016 | 00:47:41


Show Notes

In this episode we discuss WordCamp Sacramento 2016, about half of the normal WP-Tonic round-table panel were presenting at this year’s Sacramento WordCamp event and we all had a great-time. We would like to say that Jennifer Bourn, the organizing team and the weekend’s volunteers did an amazing job!


Everyone on our panel this week was in attendance at WordCamp Sacramento 2016. Sallie, Kim, and Jonathan all gave presentations as speakers, and John was part of the organizing team. Here is our recap of Sacramento WordCamp 2016.

Episode 136 Table of Contents

0:00 Intros

2:01 WordPress News Story #1: 25 Things I Learned as an Organizer of a WordCamp by SanJeev Mishra


14:15 WordPress News Story #2: WP REST API Content Endpoints Officially Approved for Merge into WordPress 4.7


21:04 Main Story: Recap of WordCamp Sacramento 2016

21:28 Sallie's presentation on Flexbox and what other presentations she enjoyed

23:05 Kim's presentation on Learning Management Systems and the hallway track

26:03 What presentations Jonathan enjoyed on Saturday

31:16 Sallie's observations from the Happiness Bar on Sunday

33:49 The presentations John saw during WordCamp weekend

35:34 The surprising thing John and the Beaver Builder team have in common

36:07 The positive reactions everyone had from this WordCamp

38:31 John's interesting takeaways from the Happiness Bar

41:09 Kim's takeaways from WordCamp Sacramento 2016

42:05 Audience reactions to Jonathan's presentation on podcasting with WordPress

44:08 When to expect WordCamp Sacramento 2017

45:17 Podcast outros



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Tate Barber: My Time At WordCamp Sacramento





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