October 07, 2016


131 How To Get More Leads With Guest Curtis McHale

131 How To Get More Leads With Guest Curtis McHale
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131 How To Get More Leads With Guest Curtis McHale

Oct 07 2016 | 00:42:11


Show Notes

We have a great interview with WordPress developer, business coach, and podcaster Curtis McHale from Vancouver, BC, CA. Curtis has been involved in the WordPress community for a number of years and has contributed a lot to helping WordPress freelance developer get more quality clients.

You can find Curtis at http://curtismchale.ca/ and at https://twitter.com/curtismchale.

Show Table of Contents

0:00 Intros.

1:28 How important is for you to know why you are in business?

3:00 Stop running a hobby, and start running a business.

4:18 What are some obstacles preventing people from running a successful web development business?

6:38 Why you shouldn't answer your email all day long.

9:08 What holds people back from charging the rates they should be?

10:57 What are your thought on paid discovery and Socratic questioning?

12:53 How can you improve communication with your web development clients?

14:57 What are your thoughts on hourly billing and value pricing?

17:39 Why you should still have an effective hourly rate when you do value pricing.

19:45 How has your lead generation system changed over time?

22:22 Why are more people not doing the marketing that they should be?

25:29 What are actionable steps you can take to improve web development lead generation in a three to six month period?

28:31 If you're a web developer, how do you jump from the 1k to 3k clients to the  6k to 15k clients?

31:50 What are the biggest misconceptions people have about writing a winning proposal?

37:57 Curtis has a special giveaway for our listeners.

40:15 Podcast outros and how you can get a hold of everyone.


We sit down with noted WordPress consultant and business coach Curtis McHale to talk about getting better clients, writing better proposals, effective client communication, pricing your services, marketing, and more.

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Sites mentioned during the show:


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Effective Client Email https://curtismchale.ca/effective-client-email/


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