September 20, 2016


126 What's Your Overall Online Strategy?

126 What's Your Overall Online Strategy?
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126 What's Your Overall Online Strategy?

Sep 20 2016 | 00:55:42


Show Notes

This week, our round table of WordPress experts discussed the topic, "What's Your Overall Online Strategy?"

Our panel this week:

Sallie Goetch

Kim Shivler

Jackie D'Elia

Johnathan Denwood


Before the main topic, we discussed some relevant WordPress news stories.

WordPress News Stories

1 - Headway Themes Confirms Financial Difficulties, Issues Apology to Customers

2 - Zerif Lite Suspended from WordPress Theme Directory, 300K Users Left Without Updates

 3 - Review Signal Publishes 2016 WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks

 3 - Review Signal Publishes 2016 WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks

Show Table of Contents:

0:00 Intros

2:04 Weekly Stories for the World of WordPress

2:25 Headway Themes Confirms Financial Difficulties

8:25 Zerif Lite theme suspended from WordPress theme directory

15:02 Review Signal's 2016 WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks

16:12 The biggest surprise is where WP Engine placed

17:50 Other surprises from the hosting benchmarking

20:40 The WordPress hosting Jonathan recommends

22:30 Americans are terrible at geography

24:03 The main topic begins

24:29 Strategy is often overlooked with web projects

25:40 You will be disappointed if you don't figure out why you need a website in the first place

26:30 Ask the "Why?" questions early on

27:31 Start with the outcome and work backwards

28:40 What planning does it take to build a brand?

29:30 Defining your ideal customer is the first step

30:55 Return on investment and getting traffic

32:10 Do you have a platform?

32:45 "It's not the amount; it's the idea."

33:40 Starting from nothing is difficult, having an audience makes everything easier

34:50 Building your authority is the key

36:10 "It's not traffic; it's people."

38:01 "You want people who are looking for what you really do."

39:00 The one thing Kim needs to know before she builds you a membership site

40:28 Where many content membership sites drop the ball

41:10 The most common mistake when it comes to divvying up a website budget

42:54 Where 90% of your focus needs to be on your website

44:48 Large businesses are not immune to lack of content strategy

46:10 Planning your business model realistically

46:46 A compelling story of how enterprise clients also need web strategy from their web consultants

49:00 Ordinary consumers expect a certain level of polish and sophistication

50:38 "Is your user having a good user experience on the site?"

52:29 Podcast Outros


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