#708 WP-Tonic "This Week In WordPress & Tech" 8th of July, 2022 at 8:30 am PST

July 11, 2022 01:28:06
#708 WP-Tonic "This Week In WordPress & Tech"  8th of July, 2022 at 8:30 am PST
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#708 WP-Tonic "This Week In WordPress & Tech" 8th of July, 2022 at 8:30 am PST

Jul 11 2022 | 01:28:06


Show Notes

Every Friday at 8:30 am PST; we host the WP-Tonic This Week in WordPress & Tech round-table show, where we discuss the latest WordPress and the general web news of the week. You can also watch the show LIVE on our WP-Tonic’s Facebook Group Page & YouTube channel.

Why don't you join us this Friday for "706 EPISODE" of the WP-Tonic round-table show at 8:30 am PST Using This Link:

This Weeks Special Guest


This Week's Articles That We Discuss During The Show

#1 - Envato to Shut Down Envato Studio on Short Notice, Jilting Longtime Service Providers


#2 - GitHub Copilot works so well because it steals open-source code and strips credit


#3 - Toxic Scorekeeping: The case against ‘Five for the Future’


#4 -Google allowed sanctioned Russian ad company to harvest user data for months


#5 - Lessons for WordPress from 1975


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We have a special guest panelist this week Adrian Tobey of GroundHogg. https://www.groundhogg.io/ This week show we discuss some great stories. One of our main posts is connecting Yoast working with Google to integrate XML Sitemaps into WordPress Core. Then we have a couple. of posts about Facebook. One is about the company's recent announcement of its massive cryptocurrency project "Libra." The second post is what is it's really like being a Facebook moderation in 2019 a pretty dark article. #1 - Developers at Yoast and Google Collaborate on Proposal to Add XML Sitemaps to WordPress Core https://wptavern.com/developers-at-yoast-and-google-collaborate-on-proposal-to-add-xml-sitemaps-to-wordpress-core 2 - Key things learned connected to building a successful online membership-based business? https://gizmodo.com/senate-banking-committee-schedules-hearing-on-facebooks-1835672507 #3 - Disgruntled security firm discloses zero-days in Facebook's WordPress plugins https://www.zdnet.com/article/disgruntled-security-firm-discloses-zero-days-in-facebooks-wordpress-plugins/ #4 - The restaurant owner who asked for 1-star Yelp reviews https://thehustle.co/botto-bistro-1-star-yelp/ #5 - WP Rocket: from $0 to $2.6 million in 5 years | Made In WordPress #1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aZU5nXR8Sc&feature=youtu.be #6 - Bodies in Seats - At Facebook’s worst-performing content moderation site in North America, one contractor has died, and others say they fear for their lives https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/19/18681845/facebook-moderator-interviews-video-trauma-ptsd-cognizant-tampa Recommendations of the week! Jonathan's Mega Menu Builder - Max Mega Menu Pro - https://www.megamenu.com/features/ Adrian: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-chatbot/.   ...



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Our WordPress panel discusses the planning, coordination, and execution of a complex site migration from one hosting environment to another. We'll also cover what type of content planning you'll need to put together when moving from one platform to another (like from an external CMS to WordPress.) Our panel this week: Sallie Goetsch: https://www.wpfangirl.com/ Jackie D'Elia: https://jackiedelia.com/ Robert Abela: https://www.wpwhitesecurity.com/ Jonathan Denwood: https://www.wp-tonic.com/ John Locke: https://www.lockedownseo.com/ Table of Contents for Episode 157 0:00 Podcast Intros 3:15 WordPress Story #1: Tom McFarlin to Launch Marketplace for Blogging Plugins, Finds New Maintainer for WordPress.org Plugins https://wptavern.com/tom-mcfarlin-to-launch-marketplace-for-blogging-plugins-finds-new-maintainer-for-wordpress-org-plugins 10:42 WordPress Story #2: What makes a great editor? https://make.wordpress.org/design/2017/01/11/what-makes-a-great-editor/ 27:39 WordPress Story #3: WordPress Hosting Review 2017: The Results https://wpshout.com/wordpress-hosting-review-2017-results/ 39:32 Main Topic: Coordinating Complex Site Migrations 39:42 Why would someone want to migrate their site to a new host or platform? 41:41 Some things that should be on your migration checklist. Some things to look out for when setting up your website. 47:16 Separation of DNS concerns, and a debate on A Records vs CNAME Records for DNS. 49:20 Moving email from CPanel or Plesk requires some planning. How do you move email archives from your hosting server to another service? 53:50 A great definition of site migration. 55:00 Sallie describes a complex migration, and how to migrate comments, and moving categories into different custom posts types (starting from just Posts). 58:43 Why you should plan 301 redirects and site mapping far in advance of the site migration.< /p> 1:00:53 Making a strong case for doing a content audit before the site migration. 1:03:20 Be sure to change the TTL (Time to Live) in your DNS days before the migration. 1:07:38 Is migrating a website on a Friday a bad idea? 1:15:07 Our recommendations for tools to make ...



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