#708 WP-Tonic "This Week In WordPress & Tech" 8th of July, 2022 at 8:30 am PST

July 11, 2022 01:28:06
#708 WP-Tonic "This Week In WordPress & Tech"  8th of July, 2022 at 8:30 am PST
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#708 WP-Tonic "This Week In WordPress & Tech" 8th of July, 2022 at 8:30 am PST

Jul 11 2022 | 01:28:06


Show Notes

Every Friday at 8:30 am PST; we host the WP-Tonic This Week in WordPress & Tech round-table show, where we discuss the latest WordPress and the general web news of the week. You can also watch the show LIVE on our WP-Tonic’s Facebook Group Page & YouTube channel.

Why don't you join us this Friday for "706 EPISODE" of the WP-Tonic round-table show at 8:30 am PST Using This Link:

This Weeks Special Guest


This Week's Articles That We Discuss During The Show

#1 - Envato to Shut Down Envato Studio on Short Notice, Jilting Longtime Service Providers


#2 - GitHub Copilot works so well because it steals open-source code and strips credit


#3 - Toxic Scorekeeping: The case against ‘Five for the Future’


#4 -Google allowed sanctioned Russian ad company to harvest user data for months


#5 - Lessons for WordPress from 1975


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