July 02, 2016


104 WP-Tonic: Zac Gordon on JavaScript for WP

104 WP-Tonic: Zac Gordon on JavaScript for WP
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104 WP-Tonic: Zac Gordon on JavaScript for WP

Jul 02 2016 | 00:46:13


Show Notes

Zac Gordon talks about how much work it been to develop his top rated Javascript online course JavascriptForWP .

Zac is a WordPress educator and teacher. In this interview, he talks about starting as a web development teacher at local schools, and eventually working at Treehouse as their lead WordPress development teacher.

After Treehouse cancelled any new WordPress courses, Zac decided that he wanted to put together an ongoing JavaScipt for WordPress course. He talks extensively about the lessons he learned from putting this course together, including the production and marketing of the course.

Zac has tons of insights on what makes for a successful campaign for a new WordPress product or course, and what the major factors were in making this course a hit.

Zac also talks about his little-know (but very large) side business, Web Hosting For Students. He talks about all the growing pains that business has gone through over the years.

There's so much valuable information in this episode, you won't want to miss it.






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