#725 WP-Tonic This Week in WordPress & SaaS We Interview Chris Badgett, Joint Founder & CEO of LifterLMS

September 08, 2022 00:42:10
#725 WP-Tonic This Week in WordPress & SaaS We Interview Chris Badgett, Joint Founder & CEO of LifterLMS
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#725 WP-Tonic This Week in WordPress & SaaS We Interview Chris Badgett, Joint Founder & CEO of LifterLMS

Show Notes

Using Community To Build Your Online WordPress Business With Special Guest Chris Badgett of LifterLMS

More About Chris

Chris and LifterLMS help education entrepreneurs create, launch, and scale high-value online training platforms from their WordPress websites that they own and control!

Discover the world's leading open-source freemium WordPress Learning Management System (LMS).

The Membership Success Summit: https://themembershipsuccesssummit.com/

#725: WP-Tonic This Week in WordPress & SaaS We Interview Chris Badgett, Joint Founder & CEO of LifterLMS

Mail Questions We Will Be Discussing With Chris Badgett, Joint Founder & CEO of LifterLMS

#1 - Chris, can you give the audience some more detailed info connected to your background and how you got into the World of WordPress and LMS?

#2 - That sight would you like to share with the tribe connected to using the community to help grow a WordPress or SaaS online business?

#3 - What are some of the unique differences connected to building a business in the WordPress space compared to the world of SaaS?

#4 - What are some of the significant changes you have observed in the WordPress business space in the last 18 months?

#5 - If you had a time machine and could go back to the beginning of LifterLMS, what advice would you give yourself?

#6 - What are some of the critical people in either the WordPress, SaaS, or the online influencer space that you listen to the most that have personally influenced you the most lately?


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