#601 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest. Matt Medeiros of the Matt Report & Castos

Episode 601 June 09, 2021 00:36:33
#601 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest. Matt Medeiros of the Matt Report  & Castos
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#601 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest. Matt Medeiros of the Matt Report & Castos

Jun 09 2021 | 00:36:33


Show Notes

We Discuss The Future of Podcasting & WordPress

More Info About Matt Medeiros

Matt Medeiros is a well known and member of the WordPress community and has been producing one of the longest and respected podcasts about WordPress and online entrepreneurship . Matt about a 18 months ago join Castos as "Director of Podcaster Success."

We also going to be asking him about his new roll and also his thoughts about Podcasting in general. We will be asking him questions connected to his latest Mat Report podcast interviews which has done over the past six month and what does he see as some of the most important themes and pattens that he has observed during these interviews?

Also what does he really thinks of how the Gutenberg project and how it has been managed by Matt Mullenweg?

Plus also when will WordPress do it's IPO, plus why he wasn't asked to be the main host of the WP Tavern podcast Jukebox?




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