August 08, 2019


#418 WP Tonic Show With Special Guest Kurt von Ahnen

#418 WP Tonic Show With Special Guest Kurt von Ahnen
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#418 WP Tonic Show With Special Guest Kurt von Ahnen

Aug 08 2019 | 00:32:54


Show Notes

Kurt von Ahnen was a precocious young man raised in a Philadelphia suburb. A non-conformist of sorts, he announced in third grade that he wanted to author a book. He was told that since he didn’t even do his language arts work, it would never happen.

In 7th grade, Kurt had a paper route. When one boy failed to arrive to get his papers for the route – he took the route over, then another, then another. What the newspaper branch manager didn’t place together was that Kurt had franchised the paper routes and was paying other boys only a portion of the routes as he was covering the collecting and accounting.

In High School he was told with the rest of the class to write a report on where he’d go to college. Having already been made the manager of a local furniture store, he said he’d pass on college as he was already making more than the teacher. After all, in the 80’s, more than 80% of the people making more than $50,000.00 per year were in retail. So why go to college.
In his senior year, he was invited to leave his high school and told he would never amount to anything.

Finally, in 2007, he made the leap and followed through on the dream from 3rd grade. He published Service Writing in Black and White changing the trajectory of his career. He’s gone on to become a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Speaker and Coach. He’s managed the training departments for two of the most prestigious Powersports companies and grown his own Leadership Academy. He speaks to youth whenever possible – urging them to chase their dreams. Never let someone tell you can’t do something

Kurt von Ahnen

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