March 06, 2018


#272 WP-Tonic Round Table Show Friday 2 of March 2018

#272 WP-Tonic Round Table Show Friday 2 of March 2018
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#272 WP-Tonic Round Table Show Friday 2 of March 2018

Mar 06 2018 | 01:17:08


Show Notes

This week Matt Medeiros, Chris Badgett, John Locke, and Adam Preiser joined host Jonathan Denwood and co-host Kim Shivler to discuss the latest WordPress news.
Episode 272’s sponsor is IntelligenceWP ( Are you ready to get more real user information from your Google Analytics data? Configure IntelligenceWP and start getting a better view of your site visitors.
The regulars welcomed special guest Matt Medeiros from The Matt Report ( for what turned out to be a lively WordPress discussion. Learn more about Matt at
Stories included: 
Freelance WordPress Development: How to Make a Career of It
WordPress Localization - 5 essentials to consider when translating your website
My Last Day at Moz. My First Day at SparkToro.
Bezos is coming: Mapping Amazon's growing reach
Aside from highlighting parts of these stories, the team spent quite a bit of time discussing WP-Engine’s significant price increase over the past week.
This led to an overall discussion of web hosting and the wars between different hosts. The quality difference between specialty WordPress hosting and lower priced shared hosting products. It was agreed that low-priced services (less than $30 a month) will only work for so long. As your business grows and website traffic grows, you need to budget for premium hosting that frequently costs $100 or more monthly.
Requirements for premium, managed, WordPress hosting are particularly important for large ecommerce stores, membership sites, and learning management platforms.

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