July 15, 2017


210 Tim Smith on Being a Digital Creator and Working on the Web

210 Tim Smith on Being a Digital Creator and Working on the Web
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210 Tim Smith on Being a Digital Creator and Working on the Web

Jul 15 2017 | 00:35:04


Show Notes

Tim Smith is a designer and front-end developer from Saint Paul, MN. He’s worked on the web for a decade, working with different companies and clients. Tim loves passing on knowledge by speaking and giving workshops. In 2013, he created The Bold Report, a blog about design, development, technology, and most importantly, Star Wars. When away from his desk, he’s with partner-in-crime Kelly, eating brunch, watching movies, walking the mall, and other sappy-sounding couple stuff.

Summary of our Interview with Tim Smith

Tim Smith started his design career at the age of fifteen, and is an accomplished UX designer, talented front end developer, and noted podcaster. Today we talk with Tim about being a digital creator, and what he’s focusing on now.

We also look at the state of the web industry, both from an agency employee’s view, and from a freelancer’s view. Lastly, Tim shares his advice on working in the web design industry and what it means to be a great collaborator.

Links mentioned on the show:

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@smithtimmytim on Twitter

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