June 16, 2017


202 Blair Enns of Win Without Pitching

202 Blair Enns of Win Without Pitching
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202 Blair Enns of Win Without Pitching

Jun 16 2017 | 00:44:09


Show Notes

Win Without Pitching is a worldwide sales training company for creative entrepreneurs.

Founder Blair Enns is a 25-year veteran of the business side of the creative professions.

In 2002, he launched Win Without Pitching. WWP has worked with thousands of creative professionals in numerous countries through direct engagements, seminars, workshops & webcasts.



Blair is a decades long veteran of advertising and design firms, and has spent thousands of hours learning abut pricing, winning work, and how to strategically influence your odds of winning work for design and development work.

Much of what Blair preaches flies in the face of conventional tactics used by most creative firms. The idea is to become the obvious choice for a client through positioning, derailing the pitching process, or influencing the buying process. If you cannot do any of these three things, your best advice is to walk away from the pitch, as you are unlikely to win.

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