May 17, 2017


192 The Beaver Builder Ecosystem

 192 The Beaver Builder Ecosystem
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192 The Beaver Builder Ecosystem

May 17 2017 | 01:09:26


Show Notes

An in-depth look at the Beaver Builder ecosystem, and the new Beaver Themer. After almost one year of development,  Beaver Builder's announce its first official addon. Beaver Themer is a theme builder plugin for WordPress.

What makes Beaver Builder so special? What makes their community unique? Will Beaver Themer change how people develop WordPress websites?


Our WordPress panel this week:


Kim Shivler:

Lee Jackson:

Mendel Kurland

Sallie Goetsch:

Jackie D'Elia:

Jonathan Denwood:

John Locke:




Table of Contents for Episode 192


0:00 Podcast intros.

3:07 WordPress News Story #1: New WordPress Plugin Blocks Spam User Registrations Using Stop Forum Spam Database

8:43 WordPress News Story #2: Weglot Multilingual Plugin Closes $450K in Seed Funding

19:11 Main Topic: The Beaver Builder Ecosystem

19:20 What makes the Beaver Builder community so special? Why do people like this plugin so much compared to other page builders?

25:26 What has Beaver Builder done right that other page builders have not?

27:25 What's a good way to handle licensing for clients with Beaver Builder? The importance of a cute mascot in a WordPress product.

29:17 Balancing being user-friendly and developer-friendly.

30:27 Lee describes how they integrate Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer into the workflow at Angled Crown.

33:51 How will Beaver Themer change the development landscape? Particularly in regards to frameworks like Genesis? What are the pros and cons of using Beaver Builder vs frameworks?

45:45 How does Beaver Builder output CSS? What happens when you deactivate the plugin?

47:40 Do Kim or Lee use any third-party add-ons for Beaver Builder? Will Beaver Themer change the WordPress themes landscape? The many ways in which people interact with WordPress.

58:05 A rant about people who complain about tools that cost money (that they then use to make money).

1:05:06 Podcast outros.




Links mentioned during the show:


Stop Signup Spam

>Stop Spammers

Beaver Themer

PowerPack Beaver Builder Add On

Genesis Extender Plugin

Ultimate AddOns for Beaver Builder




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