January 14, 2017


156 Carrie Dils Returns to Talk Teaching, Podcasting, and Genesis

156 Carrie Dils Returns to Talk Teaching, Podcasting, and Genesis
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156 Carrie Dils Returns to Talk Teaching, Podcasting, and Genesis

Jan 14 2017 | 00:46:38


Show Notes

Carrie Dils returns to WP-Tonic for her third appearance. She is the queen of the Genesis Framework and also the host of the popular Office Hours FM podcast.

We ask her about the future of Genesis, multiple income streams, teaching courses, and podcasting.

You can find Carrie at https://carriedils.com/.

She also hosts one of the top WordPress podcasts at https://officehours.fm/.

Episode 156 Table of Contents

0:00 Podcast intros

1:23 Carrie's origin story and how she got into web development.

2:48 How has the WordPress ecosystem changed over the past few years?

5:03 Has the bar gotten higher for making a living in the WordPress community?

6:29 What advice would you give to WordPress entrepreneurs?

8:45 The value of positioning and hiring for roles that you don't enjoy.

10:39 We all want diversification of revenue streams. How did Carrie build multiple streams of revenue?

12:31 Some practical advice on podcasting and teaching.

15:38 How important is it to teach others? How does this build your authority for the future?

18:17 The hidden value of hosting a WordPress podcast.

21:28 How does Carrie balance all the things she has going at any one time?

24:15 Carrie's insights on WordCamp US 2016.

27:11 Thoughts on the announcements about the release schedule of WordPress cycles in 2017.

30:40 Recent WordPress news that Carrie finds positive.

31:21 Thoughts on Genesis in combination with Beaver Builder.

33:10 How Genesis is different from vanilla WordPress, and how it is similar.

37:28 Carries thoughts on putting content behind a paywall and types of membership sites that work.

40:30 Thoughts on work-life balance, and what true freedom in entrepreneurship really means.

43:07 Podcast outros




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