January 07, 2017


154 Nate Wright from Theme Of The Crop

154 Nate Wright from Theme Of The Crop
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154 Nate Wright from Theme Of The Crop

Jan 07 2017 | 00:47:18


Show Notes

Nate Wright provides WordPress themes and plugins to build better restaurant websites. After more than three years delivering products for restaurants, cafes and bars, he's built up a suite of free and commercial products to help you take reservations online, manage your restaurant menus and boost local SEO.


Nate Wright runs Theme of the Crop, a WordPress company that specializes in themes and plugins for restaurants. We'll talk to him about the specific challenges in digital marketing for restaurant owners and those in the food and beverage industry.

You can find Nate's website at https://themeofthecrop.com/ .

Episode 154 Table of Contents

0:00 Podcast Intros

1:13 The Theme of the Crop origin story

2:58 The web scene in Edinburgh

4:14 Are restaurants valuing marketing and their web presence more than before?

7:03 How does Nate educate the people who use his products? What are some examples of restaurants using content marketing successfully?

11:00 Nate's experience selling products to quickly build restaurant websites, as opposed to being in the SaaS (software as a service) space.

13:50 How difficult is it marketing WordPress products outside of a a site like Envato?

17:29 How does Nate decide what features to include in his products?

25:13 What common mistakes does Nate see on restaurant websites? What components are important on a restaurant website?

30:29 Nate's plans for Theme of the Crop in 2017.

33:57 How does Nate feel about allowing third-party developers to build on top of the Theme of the Crop core products?


40:15 Where does the feedback come from to improve Nate's products? From site builders, restaurant marketing specialists, or restaurant site builders?

43:12 Podcast outros



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