November 26, 2016


145 Lee Jackson, The WP Innovator

145 Lee Jackson, The WP Innovator
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145 Lee Jackson, The WP Innovator

Nov 26 2016 | 00:45:00


Show Notes

This Week We fun and insightful Interview with Lee Jackson host of the WP Innovator podcast & the owner of a highly successful WordPress development agency that exclusively only works with other digital agencies.


You can find Lee at his website: .

Be sure to check out his podcast at: .


Table of Contents for Episode 145

0:00 Podcast intros

1:15 Lee Jackson Dev is an agency for print and design agencies. How does Lee find those perfect clients?

3:50 What is the big advantage for design-focused agencies to bringing in Lee's agency as a trusted partner?

6:20 What is one of the most surprising things that Lee has found partner agencies want him to do?

7:45 What are the big differences between a freelancer and a bona fide agency when it comes handling a client brief?

9:55 How did Lee earn the trust to be in client meetings with partner agencies (who own the client relationships)?

12:04 Is there ever a reluctance with agencies to have a subcontracting or partner agency come into the client meetings?

13:23 Bobbins and biscuits.

13:58 Why are many web agencies not that great at writing briefs?

17:46 What to do when the client doesn't want to invest in a brief. How Lee writes user stories into his briefs, and making it part of the technical specs.

21:53 The origin story of Lee Jackson Dev.

24:54 How does the role of an agency founder /owner change as the agency grows?

27:21 What does Lee's agency hiring process look like?

29:30 What are the most common mistakes when it comes to project management in web agencies?

31:42 The biggest financial mistake that agencies make in web design projects.

32:21 One huge mistake (opportunity?) for web agencies when they hand off the design to the developers.

34:03 Why underbidding hurts web design projects so much. How a Statement of Work helps prevent scope creep.

38:15 How does Lee feel about paid discovery? What about the tender process? (Similar to RFP).

40:57 The tendering process leads to chronic underbidding.

41:42 Podcast outros



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