September 10, 2016


124 Matt Inglot of Tilted Pixel on Building a Micro-Agency and Podcast

124 Matt Inglot of Tilted Pixel on Building a Micro-Agency and Podcast
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124 Matt Inglot of Tilted Pixel on Building a Micro-Agency and Podcast

Sep 10 2016 | 00:41:38


Show Notes

We sat down with Matt Inglot of the web agency Tilted Pixel, the Freelance Transformation podcast to talk about growing an agency, how to get web clients, and the benefits of having a podcast.


Show Table of Contents:

0:00 Intros

1:11 Matt's origin story and founding Tilted Pixel

3:00 Burning the candle at three ends

3:28 Early missteps in running an agency

4:16 Figure out your Why

4:47 Don't copycat others; they may not be doing what's best for longevity

5:52 Find a mentor who has already done what you want to do

7:15 By trying to serve everyone, you serve no one (well)

7:54 Set minimum projects budgets!

9:01 Deliver results for a specific subset of the market

10:56 Step One: Establish the problem you are solving

11:27 Find out more about the business, then identify the pain

13:43 How do you know when it's time to grow your agency?

15:45 When you are a solo freelancer, you may not be charging enough - but not for the reasons you may think

18:11 If you hire employees, you must be ready to grow in a big way

19:35 Does having a larger team really make it easier to win larger projects?

22:13 What does Matt look for when hiring contractors or employees?

23:04 The one thing that will end your working relationship with an agency

24:56 What are some marketing strategies that work for web developers?

26:10 The marketing channel that you can most easily dominate in your local market

28:37 Client generation strategies, and when they work

29:31 When client generation strategies don't work

31:37 The real reason times are tough for generalist web shops right now

34:04 Have a repeatable strategy for attracting clients

34:40 "If you're a freelancer, you only need about three to ten clients a year".

36:34 What inspired Matt to target consultants and freelancers with his podcast

38:14 Building a network through a podcast

39:59 Podcast outros


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