January 02, 2015


020 WordPress Frameworks

020 WordPress Frameworks
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020 WordPress Frameworks

Jan 02 2015 | 01:05:20


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We cover four frameworks for WordPress but first....

1)      Genesis Framework:

Genesis Framework from StudioPress http://www.studiopress.com is one of the most popular of all the WordPress frameworks its very developer focused and need quite a bit of development experience to get the best from it.

Prices: Genesis Framework on its own $59.95 with all the Studio commercial themes $399

One of the ways to use Genesis if you are not an experience developer is to use this third party plugin tool Dynamik Website Builder for $59. 


a) very well document.

b) Well coded.

c) Big library of child themes.


a) complicated if you are not an experience WordPress developer.

b) the chid themes do tend to look very similar in design.

c) Not all the child themes are fully responsive.

2)     Headway Framework

Headway:  from HeadwayThemes http://headwaythemes.com/  is an other very popular WordPress framework its very different to StudioPress Genesis it has it own inbuilt drag & drop page building functionality.

Prices: 1 site $59 with one template or you get the developer license for $199 and you get all of Headway themes included at the present moment they have a Christmas sale on and get everything reduced by 35% discount.


a) easy to use if you are not an experience developer 

b) very well documented.

c) well and very attractive child themes.


a) the code can be a bit blotted which can leads to slow loading themes

b) you really are locked into the Headway Framework of doing things. 

c) if you really go down the fully custom route with this Framework you will have to keep in mind that the designs will need quite a bit of testing


3)     Canvas Framework

from WooThemes http://www.woothemes.com/products/canvas/

This is very popular framework from the people who develop and support Woocommerce.

Price: $119 unlimited domains or $399 which includes a number of nice looking themes. 


a) well coded.

b) Great documentation.

c) Should work with Woocommence.


a) is not setup to work with child themes.

b) limited selection of themes compared to StudioPress.

c) some of the themes are not responsive.

Thesis Framework

4)       Thesis frameworks

http://diythemes.com/ is one of the oldest WordPress frameworks

This framework uses a very, very custom way of developing WordPress website to the

extent you could say it a real highbred of system that is going its own semi different route to the rest of the WordPress development community.

Price: $87 for one domain license or you could buy the profession level for $199 which give you unlimited live time support and the ability to use the framework on as many different domains as you like.


a) very well coded 

2) extremely powerful and in the hands of an experience Thesis developer can prove very quick.

 3) this framework has been around for quite a long time.


 a) you really do need to be pretty experience developer to really use this framework. 

b) uses skins not child theme.

c) It really does things it own way which are not compatible to the norm of WordPress.




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